Research Spotlight

Hi! I am a visiting Researcher @ UTS Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology. I was working at the intersection of Machine Learning, Statistics, Computer Social science and Scientific computing. Recently I completed my first postdoc. in social computing. I built dependence structure between labor occupation based on job counts data, using copulae. I also developed a theoretical model based on hawkes intensity point processes allows fitting information diffusion based on observed counts of events. The main tools we used were functional analysis and distribution theory. I have been a C++ fan, an open source advocate. These days I have been thinking about some problems in theoretical computer science, am also dabbling quantum computing and deep learning. Please note other parts of my homepage are bits out of dated. My Linkedin page is perhaps more updated where I frequently exchange thoughts in the relevant communities of AI, Quantum, Maths, C++ and more.

Research interests:

  • Quantum Computing, Quantum game theory, Information Geometry, Quantum Machine Learning

  • Data-driven Scientific Computing

  • Bayesian Deep Learning/Reinforcement Learning

  • Blockchain applications to Smart cities (Renewable energy, QC, IoT)

  • Machine Learning for HFT/Algorithmic/Automated Trading

  • Computational Social Media/Social Computing

  • Theoretical or Statistical Machine Learning

  • Spatio-Temporal (Dependency) Modelling

  • Point processes and applications to Social Media, Finance, Insurance, Quantum Physics

  • Mathematical Analysis, Stochastic PDEs, Financial Mathematics